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The holiday village in Calabria
for nature lovers

In our holiday village in Calabria you will find everything for a holiday in direct contact with nature. Thanks to the beautiful sea and the surrounding Mediterranean vegetation, Cariati has received the green flag, which testify to the splendor and wealth of our landscape.
To reach the beach you have to cross a thicket enveloping aroma and resin.
The beach is a natural wonder: between the forest and the sea, away from the world. Never stifled by the heat and with a gentle breeze which is particularly popular in hot summer days.
The prime position of the Feriendorf, between the sea and the hills, gives us a unique microclimate. Increasingly mild and protected from the wind.

The biodiversity

Olives, myrtles, arbutus trees, carob trees and then aloe vera, yucca, bougainvillea, eucalyptus, bamboo, palms and hibiscus. The exotic charm of the tropical plants, which connects the landscape with the wild nature of the Mediterranean vegetation. Hundreds of different species of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers that will color your holiday and give you an inner and incomparable peace.
In our holiday village you will have a unique sense experience: The fresh scent of eucalyptus trees mixed with the breeze of the sea and the soft sound of the cicadas that accompany your barefoot walks on hot sand.
The green and the sea, the good cuisine from Calabria, the staff always helpful and smiling, will make your stay wonderful in an environment of stunning sunset and starry sky.

The holiday village in Calabria, which thinks green

In recent years, we have embarked on a journey into the respect and protection of the environment and nature: We have installed sun collectors on our roofs for the water heating for some of the rooms and the restaurant, a photovoltaic modules to generate 250 kilowatts of electricity. We began to reorganize the Resort, and to this day we have already renovated 179 of our rooms according to the dictates of energy efficiency. We installed air conditioners with low consumption, 90% of our toilet are provided with double water purge, ee have installed 95% energy saving lamps for rooms and public areas. We use, as far as possible, recharging soaps and detergents.

In new buildings, we have also adopted an automatic home automation system to minimize waste.

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