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The holiday village for your Family Holiday in Calabria

In our holiday village, in Calabria, Children in 3° Bed* are free

The holidays in Calabria with your family will be funny and comfortable! Children and young people (up to 14 years) in the 3 ° bed are free. Interesting, isn‘t it?!

At the holiday village Vascellero your children will not have time to get bored. They will be busy with interesting activities and new friends, in an increasingly safe and familiar environment where, between the various games, Pampero, the Mascot of the Vascellero, will appear to give joy and hilarity.
While they are pleasantly engaged in entertainment activities, the parents can enjoy a well-earned holiday at our resort.
Whatever Formula you choose it will be a right holiday for your family.

We take great care for children and teenagers animation. The activities are divided into age groups:

* subject to limited availability

The summer of teenagers and their ideal place

Entertainment for teenagers from 15 to 19 years old requires special attention. It is difficult to meet the needs of children of this age group. Our commitment has led us to the development of dedicated programs for them. The young people, together with our entertainers, will do a series of funny and creative competition activities at any time of the day with a single goal: to be protagonists together.

Our holiday village in Calabria, an ideal destination for those who travel with the family, offers programs and tournaments intended exclusively for young people between the ages of 15 and 19 years old. Theater workshops and various types of entertainment, inspired by the huge popular TV talent show loved by teenage audiences. Young people will let their artistic inclinations free run, even on our graffiti wall, where they can realize their "creations".

Amongst other things, there is an "animation school" in the afternoon so that children can approach this fascinating world, and who wants can participate in the making of the musical event of the summer.

But what fascinates most of all our young audience is definitely being together; Exchange of emotions, an unforgettable victory in football against the best team, a bonfire at the sea counting shooting stars, or a night of dancing at the Disco Beach Mareluna.

Vascellerino: Time of the little ones!

Our family holiday village in Calabria offers young guests of all age groups a variety of activities in the play areas dedicated to them, in direct contact with nature.
Vascellerino is an innovative formula club. Children should enjoy holidays, activities and growth opportunities.
The assistance is provided every day (except Sunday) from 10.00 am to 12.00 am and from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

The small guests (3-5 years old) are expected from a variety of innovative and imaginative games. A smart entertainment that helps children to grow and discover the nature in the company of our animals. They will know how beautiful it can be to play with their friends in the water and how fascinating it is to build sand sculptures; They will learn the body language and the ability to communicate with music and words. Every evening from 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm, is time for baby dance!

Also for older children (6-9 and 10-14 years old) are planned many exciting activities: The inevitable date with the sports in which they compete in tournaments and also in skill challenges; The small stars can participate in theater workshop, singing and magic school; It will be the prelude to the evening that will see them to be protagonists on stage; A new form of entertainment was designed to combine science and fun: With curious experiments, small scientists can embrace physical and chemical phenomena. They will have fun and learn something.

Not only learn, but above all have fun and play. A room for the projection of films and cartoons and two equipped children’s playgrounds, with slides, swings, horses, castles and many other games designed for children; there is also a cool and shaded area for the exciting and tasty afternoon snack.

The news

The traffic light is green for the Grand Prix of Vascellero! A track for remote-controlled toy cars of 12 m x  6 m, where the boys fight to ward off all adults who are trying to ride a round. A series of inflatable games is just waiting to be opened. Colorful boats, mini manual pedal boats, add a touch of joy and color to the blue of the Oasi pool.

Restaurant with dedicated services for the small ones

For the smaller, meals in the restaurant, are like a feast: Here Mama and Papa always have the possibility to choose from the buffet what their puppies like, such as pasta with tomato sauce or with oil and Parmesan cheese, a vegetable broth or a fresh vegetable soup. The children, who feel like adults, will find every day for lunch and dinner, also a first and a main course specially for them.

Long live the food at any time!

If your child is small (from 6 months to 3 years) will be at your disposal, with supplement, the Baby Hall, a kitchen equipped with changing table, high chairs, sterilizer, bottle warmer, homogenizer, refrigerator and microwave, where you can prepare your baby food to your baby. During main meal times, our qualified staff will be available to provide you with specific products for children, such as vegetable broth, vegetable past, fresh fruit, homogenised meat, fish and fruit, cheese cream, biscuits, yogurt, water and fruit juices. It is not possible to request products of specific brands or to remove food and beverages.
At the Reception you can take the key of the Baby Hall, which you can keep throughout your stay and you can use it wherever you want and need.

Lightweight luggage

Available, for free, high chairs and bed rails. With an additional fee you can have a comfortable cot in case you do not want to bring it from home. (Order the cot at the time of booking!)

Other services

By the para-pharmacy, In the amphitheater, you will find milk, baby food, diapers and everything you need for your little ones. For other needs, there is a small market. Here you will find everything at hand.
It is not necessary to bring many clothes for your children: there is a washing machine.

The children’s areas by the Pool

They were thought for their safety: bounded by a wall and with a depth of about 60 cm.
On the children’s area of the Relax pool there is a small island that separates it from the adults area. The small island is the object of desire among our young guests!
If your children can not swim, they will have the opportunity to learn from our teachers in their own area at the Oasi Pool.

The 2017 has brought our little guests a funny novelty: At Vascellero officially opens the “barcoscontro” for speed racing skills to drive on the water.

Children’s beaches

Our beaches are particularly suitable for children. That is why they have earned the award of GREEN FLAG in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The wide beach and sunumbrellas at the right distance, clean sea with shallow water near the shore, the Mediterranean vegetation near the beach, crystal clear sea and the beautiful scenery are the features that awarded our Resort with this important recognition.
On the beach the colorful playground is the only way to pull the kids out of the water, which will otherwise make their parents crazy.
Always on the beach, in a special area, it is possible to store the inflatable games, so that you do not have to carry them always with you.
For babies who cannot go alone, mothers can get the beach with baby carriages. You will then leave the baby carriage just a few meters from the sea in "parcheggino"

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