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In our resort dogs are not only allowed but also welcome!

You have always considered him as a part of the family and it is a real family holiday only if you take your dog with you.

The Dog Village

Vascellero Dog Village, an absolute novelty in Southern Italy, is for those who want to spend a holiday with their four-legged friends in total relaxation and without worries. We are among the few Resorts that have received the acknowledgment of "ANIMAL FRIENDLY STRUCTURE", for the Hotel category, from the Italian Association of Animal Rights and Environment Associations.
Four legs ... but why not a shell or a fin, a beak or two protruding teeth? At Vascellero, every animal is a welcome guest.
Some rooms also have a veranda with a small fence, so there is no danger that your four-legged can escape.
The holiday will be more pleasant for the whole family.

In the rooms for guests with dogs it is made a special disinfecting cleaning treatment.
Through some special paths you can accompany your friends on the lead, in the areas designed for them:

After a day at the beach, between salt and sand, a beautiful bath will certainly not hurt. Giuseppe, our Dog House Manager, who has an unconditional love for dogs, takes care of your dog with special shampoo, a little massage, and a little trim for the hair if necessary.

Costs Dog village Services: in Hotel Formula maximum 2 per room if both up to 10 kg; maximum one per room if over 10 kg. In Residence Formula only one dog is allowed. € 100 (max 10 kg) or € 120 (over 10 kg) per Week for the first dog. For stays shorter than a week, the daily cost will be € 25. Discount 20% for the second dog.
E’ richiesta inoltre una cauzione di € 100,00 (solo per la Formula Hotel) per eventuali danni procurati alla camera.

Extra: Dog training courses, washing and care at Dog House. Dog parking (more than 2 hours per day) € 3,00 per hour.
The number of guests with pets is limited to ensure everyone a peaceful stay. For Hotel Formula accommodation is allowed a maximum of 2 dogs; for the Residence Formula only one dog is allowed. The presence of the dog must be communicated at time of booking.

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