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Sport Holiday?
Our Holiday Village in Calabria is the destination

For sport lovers the Holiday Village Vascellero, ideal for a seaside holiday in Calabria, offers daily activities of various sports. To start the day well, here is the morning gymnastics on the beach. This is followed by aerobics, stretching, dancing and water fitness to stay fit while enjoying the clear waters of the Ionian Sea or the wonderful pools.

Holiday Village for those who love sports

If you are looking for holiday villages or hotels where your passion for sports can be cultivated, you will be satisfied with us. There is a sports center with football field, tennis court and basketball court for "classic sports" lovers. If you want to try out activities where are required quick reflexes and coordination, table tennis will be your right sport. We offer activities for individuals and groups. Even on holidays, you will not miss your passion.

Do you have an unerring aim? Rely on our archery teachers and try out the oldest sport in the world!
All the necessary for the performance of sports activities is provided by the entertainers.

Sports activities on the beach and in the pool

On the beach and in the pool of our holiday village in Calabria you can play beach volleyball or beach soccer, and then cool down with a dip in the sea and a drink at the bar of Mareluna. A darts challenge is always a moment of happy and healthy competition spirit. All this with timeless pieces of music in background that our entertainers, from their console towers, will offer you.
Not only that, you can paddle! Our bathing attendant will provide rescue float addressing and life vests to sail the water safely.
Do you prefer a more relaxed and less strenuous sport? We are waiting for you on the bowls field!
At the Oasi Pool, it is possible to swim a few rounds to keep fit, real water ball is also organized, the ideal sport for experienced swimmers. Are you not experienced? Use the swimming lessons of our teachers. A small card game or a board game under the roof, however, always has its attraction!

Cycling: here are the routes

Increasingly frequent are the requests of bike lovers who are looking for a holiday where, in addition to relaxing, sunbathing and enjoying the sea, there is also the opportunity to enjoy their beloved sport.
Vascellero, like always, tries to meet the needs of all the guests in the best possible way, and benefiting of a land full of natural beauty and history, we have worked to accommodate fans of two wheels.
Bring your bike with you, and you will discover that Calabria is able to offer fabulous landscapes, breathtaking nature full of Mediterranean scents and beautiful villages to travel around.
Our territory is able to offer a cycle route for everyone: from those who have just started with cycling, to amateurs, to those who want to test themselves with competitive routes.
The local association "Cicloamatori Cariati" provides information and maps on the many possible routes and the opportunity to connect you with the discovery of our region of Calabria.

The conditions for a vacation that meets the need of every member of the family are all there. So saddle up and ride ... to discover Calabria.

Sights and recreational parks near the resort

In the surroundings of Cariati, there are possibilities to do sports. If you want to leave the holiday village without sacrificing your passion, the possibilities are many and varied:

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