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Rafting on the river Lao: 132 km away from Cariati

Adventure, adrenaline and team spirit is the right mix that makes rafting the most popular among the extreme sports. Ideal for nature lovers who are looking for thrills and spectacular landscapes. Lao is the principal river of the Pollino National Park. It is possible to go along the river in a kayak or raft. The trip on the river Lao takes a whole day and is appropriate for people of any age. A guide drives the boat and coordinates the group.

This means that even beginners can safely enjoy the experience. The only requirement is to be able to swim. The Nature offers many interests and many sports possibilities to the visitors. The Rafters will find very different flow paths, such as the "Grande Gola del Lao", which starts 2 km behind the village Laino. The Lao is a popular destination for lovers of river environments, especially for canoeing is one of the events that cannot be missed. The course is beautiful and flows through a wild gorge. In recent years the activities of rafting on the river on special rafts is grown a lot. You can enjoy the experience of an exciting adventure in a modern version of the river descent on an air bubble.

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