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Corigliano Calabro: 45 km away from Cariati

Corigliano, one of the most productive places in Calabria, is located on a hill surrounded by lemon and orange groves. Corigliano has an important role in agriculture and above all, his name is combined on the production of high quality clementines, which are distributed throughout Italy and abroad. Another economic activity is fishing. The Marine of Corigliano is in fact the largest of Calabria and the most important of the entire south of Italy, with over thousand employees. In Corigliano is worth a visit at the amazing Castello Ducale, built in 1073. The castle is located in the heart of the old town of Corigliano. The actual main business center of the town was founded in the 20th Century as a modern building at the station in the valley and is called "Corigliano Scalo”. Another important district is Schiavonea (Schiavonea Marina), right on the seafront, which was created as a fishing village. In summer is a popular tourist destination. The name Corigliano Calabro has Greek-Byzantine origins ("olive grove"). The old town of Corigliano Calabro has, due his elevated position, an impressive city view wich culminates in the City Palace of the House of Aragon in southern Italy. Near the small town of Thurio, the Sybarites founded the ancient Greek city Thurii in 452 BC, a city of Magna Graecia.

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