In the heart of the Ionian Calabria:
the best routes chosen for you

The Holiday village Vascellero Club Resort is located in Cariati Marina on the Ionian Coast, its strategic location, is an ideal starting point for interesting and entertaining routes to discover Calabria.
Staying at the Vascellero Club Resort not only allows you to enjoy a relaxing holiday on the Ionian Sea, but also gives you the perfect opportunity to visit the beautiful surroundings.
Already in the immediate vicinity there are some picturesque villages with important sights as well as in Cariati, so also in Rossano, Sibari and Corigliano. Then you reach Santa Severina, Cerchiara, plateau of the Sila, Le Castella. For lovers of rafting, the river Lao is a must. In short, within a few kilometers, there is the best of Calabria to discover, visit and enjoy.

Here are the routes of Calabria Ionica, which we recommend: