The blue of the Ionian Sea and the enchanting atmosphere of summer in Calabria with its scents and blooming nature.

The rooms at Vascellero Club Resort are located in two different areas of Resort, each with its own unique personality: the Relax Area and the Oasis Area.

In the Relax Area it all started with the eponymous swimming pool, a true icon of the resort, the central restaurant, the access gate to the sea and one of the bars.

This area is the favorite of all those guests who want to have the most important services at their fingertips.

The Oasi Area is the newest and is located 350 meters from the Relax Area. Here there is the Oasi pool, our largest swimming pool where a thousand entertainment activities take place every day, the play garden, a huge playground to entertain the little ones and another bar. The Oasi Area is chosen by those who love being surrounded by nature and taking pleasant daily walks.

All rooms are named after the area in which they are located.

Discover them in which properties and choose the ones that are most suitable for your vacation!

Let yourself be inspired and enjoy your treatment in a 4-star hotel formula.

Family Gold Relax

In terms of space and service, it is the queen of our rooms.

Family Gold Oasi

The services and the beating heart of the resort are 350 meters away

Family Gold Welcome

Ideal for everyone who doesn’t want to miss out on privacy and comfort even on vacation.

Deluxe Oasi

With private whirlpool in the garden.

Relax Room

The Resort’s services are all close to you.

Oasi Room

Nature surrounds you.

Welcome Room

For friends and families, even with Fido.