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Yes, it costs 3 euros for the hotel formula and 2 euros for the residence formula. These amounts are to be considered per person per day from the age of 12 and are calculated on a maximum of 7 consecutive nights. This tourist tax is payable in cash on arrival in Resort.

A deposit of 30% of the stay amount is required at the time of booking, which you can send via bank transfer or credit card. You can also do it on our website via “Click to Pay” page.

The balance of the holiday will be made on the day of arrival in the structure. If you wish to receive an invoice, it must be requested directly at the holiday village before payment, whereby all necessary data have to be transmitted: last name and name or company name, VAT identification number or tax number, SDI code or PEC. For tax reasons, the invoice cannot be requested under any circumstances after receipt of payment.

If you cancel your holiday up to 15 days before your arrival, we will refund the full amount paid. In case of cancellation 14 to 4 days before, we will issue a voucher for an amount equal to the deposit paid that can be used until 2024.

If the cancellation is made within 3 days prior to your expected arrival, the deposit will be withheld in full.

Cancellations must be sent by email to info@vascellero.it.

In the low season there is the possibility to spend only one night in the Hotel Formula and at least 3 nights in the Residence Formula.

In the mid- and high season, we expect a minimum stay of 7 nights from Saturday to Saturday for the Residence Formula and from Sunday to Sunday for the Hotel Formula.

If you want to book a shorter stay during the week in the months of June and September, just contact us. We will find together the best solution for you.

To speed up check-in and avoid crowds, you can email us a copy of the booking members’ identification documents to info@vascellero.it  or via Whatsapp to 3209721660 before arrival.

In addition, it is always necessary to sign in on the portal www.rcovid19.it, which is also accessible via the www.emergenzacovid.regione.calabria.it page before your arrival in Calabria. Here are requested information about the place of origin, destination, length of stay, obligation to inform the prevention department of the provincial health authority about the occurrence of related COVID-19 symptoms.

The accommodation must be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure.

If you want to stay with us a little longer after check-out, you can use our services until 12 a.m..

The full board treatment begins with dinner on the day of arrival and ends with lunch on the day of departure, which can be replaced with a packed lunch.

Subject to availability and reception authorization, you can use the late check-out service, which allows you to:

Keep the accommodation up to 2 p.m. for € 45.00 per room.

Keep the accommodation up to 4:00 p.m. for € 55.00 per room.

We guarantee the delivery of the accommodation from 5 pm on the day of arrival. If you arrive earlier, we are ready to welcome you from 2 pm. Upon your arrival at the holiday village, you can use all our services after check-in.

On the day of arrival, it is possible to enter the holiday village from 2 pm. Stays at the Hotel Formula start with dinner and end with lunch on the day of departure.

If you arrive in the morning, you can have lunch at the MareLuna Bar Restaurant Pizzeria on the beach for a fee a la carte.

Hotel Formula offers accommodation in seven types of rooms. You can choose between bed & breakfast or full board.

For all two treatments there is the daily cleaning of the room and the change of bed linen and towels.

If you want to leave before lunch (included in the package), you have the option to book a packed lunch directly with the staff of the dining room the day before.

In the central restaurant by the Relax Pool with assisted buffet, which offers a wide selection of appetizers and side dishes, 3 first and 3 second courses. Water, wine, cola, and orange soda by meals are included without restriction of consumption. Fruit and desserts complete the menu.

All meals served by guests at Hotel Formel at MareLuna are considered extra.

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in assisted buffet form. For lunch and dinner, the tables are reserved for families.

A rich continental breakfast is served from 7.30 to 10. But breakfast is only the first of the appointments with the table.

At lunch and dinner, the restaurant is organized in two shifts:

1st round 12:30/13:00 – 13:40
2nd round 13:45 – 14:30

1st round 19:30/20:00 – 20:40
2nd round 20:45 – 21:30

With the times indicated, we mean that you are requested to leave the restaurant by the end of shift time.
When booking, you can indicate your shift preference, otherwise the assignment will be established by the management.

Special notes for first-round picks:

  • At lunch and dinner, the table is assigned for each family and for the whole week.
  • When booking, you can request that your table be close to that of another family.

Special notes for those who choose the second round:

If you choose the second round, the table is free, therefore unassigned. Trying out a new perspective every day can be very enjoyable.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner take place with assisted buffet service and the dishes are served at the counter by the dining room staff.

From 7:30 to 10: 00 We serve breakfast at Giardino del Gusto, a covered outdoor area near the Relax Pool.

Do you like sleeping late? From 10 to 11, next to the Relax Pool bar, there is our Sleepyhead’s Corner where you can find a soft breakfast with American coffee and croissants.

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Our continental breakfast includes coffee, milk, cappuccino and barley (from dispenser), fruit juices (from dispenser), tea and herbal teas, yoghurt, fresh fruit slices, fruit in syrup, classic and wholegrain biscuits, cooked ham, salami, cheese, baked breads, toast bread, hard-boiled and scrambled eggs with bacon, vegetables, fruit muesli, cornflakes and chocolate flakes, various seeds, butter, honey, hot croissants (to be filled at will), Nutella, jams, desserts prepared by our pastry , donuts, cakes, biscuits.

It is possible to rent the beach towel at the price of 6 euros per person per week with a midweek change included in the price.
For those who book a holiday in hotel formula directly with us without intermediaries, the rental of beach towels is free, from the age of 14, with a midweek change included.
Any further changes have a price of 3 euros.

Our kitchen staff is qualified to respond in the healthiest and tastiest way possible to the needs of those who have to follow specific dietary regimes.

Celiac disease: at breakfast, in addition to the naturally gluten-free foods on our buffet, we provide cold cuts and packaged basic products such as rusks, packaged snacks and bread. Anyone wishing to bring specific products from home can leave them in the custody of our staff after having affixed their name, surname and room number on them. For lunch and dinner we prepare a first, second and dessert with gluten-free ingredients. Side dishes and fruit can be chosen from the common buffet. However, it is not possible to guarantee the absolute absence of contamination (except for packaged products). Gluten intolerance must be reported at the time of booking.

Lactose and eggs: packaged lactose-free and egg-free basic products are available for breakfast: rusks, packaged snacks, yogurt, milk. Anyone wishing to bring specific products from home can leave them in the custody of our staff after having affixed their name, surname and room number on them. For lunch and dinner we prepare at least a first, a second and a dessert free of lactose and eggs. Side dishes and fruit can be chosen from the common buffet. However, it is not possible to guarantee the absolute absence of contamination (except for packaged products). Any intolerances must be reported at the time of booking.

If you have chosen the residence formula and do not feel like cooking, you can choose between three restaurants.

In the central restaurant (at the Relax Pool) there is an assisted buffet, which includes appetizers, three first courses, three second courses, side dishes, fruit, dessert, water, wine, cola and orange juice from dispenser.

It is necessary to purchase entrance tickets at the reception the day before.

The cost of the tickets is € 22.00 for each adult and € 14.00 for each child up to 14 years of age, per meal.

At MareLuna, an a la carte restaurant and pizzeria on the beach, reservations are not required, but recommended, and it is not necessary to buy tickets in advance. You can also reserve a table for the desired time or takeaway dish directly from your room by typing 2015.

In the holiday village there is a bazaar where you can also find food.

The products that are not present can be requested and reserved. There you will also find souvenirs and typical products, a selection of magazines and the main brands of tobacco products.

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The Residence Formula provides accommodation in prefabricated mobile homes with kitchenette. The relative treatment is for rent only.
There is no daily tidying up of the housing unit or the supply of bed linen and towels. These services are available on request and with a supplement.

The Residence Formula is designed exclusively for informal guests. Mobile homes are not suitable for guests with reduced mobility.

For more convenience, payment at the pool bars is only made with a card, which is delivered at the reception upon check-in.

Payment will be made at the end of the stay.

The use of electronic money is optional at the beach bar, where payments can be made either via the card (not for the restaurant) or in cash.

We accept all pets. And the dogs? Well, dogs deserve a separate discussion. Visit our page “DOG FRIENDLY HOLIDAY” and find out what we thought for you.

At Vascellero we love wagging guests!

There are many services tailored to their needs, including a Dog Beach reserved exclusively for four-legged friends and their owners, a high-cut area where they can walk, an agility area where they can play, a washing and care service, veterinary support, dog educator, dog parking service, dog product sales point, professional support. There are also kennels, bowls, placemats, and hygiene bags.

Read the rules here >

Dogs can be released in the mobility and cut leg areas set up in the dog area under the supervision of their owners. In the other areas of the holiday village they must instead be kept on a leash and can only walk on the paths that are useful to reach the areas designated for dogs (Dog Area, Dog Beach, Dog Solarium). It is not allowed to bring your four-legged friends in the flower beds and gardens or to let them climb on the beds, if necessary, we ask you to put a towel on the bed!

Dog solarium (for a fee) with a sun umbrella can be reserved near the Oasi pool (subject to availability) for guests who never want to part with their furry friend. The dog can stay with you under the sun umbrella, but be careful: dogs are not allowed into the water.

The owner of medium and large-sized dogs must always have a muzzle in all areas of the holiday village so that it can be used in the event of a threat to the safety of humans or other animals.

Dogs are not allowed to enter the central restaurant or Giardino del Gusto, playgrounds or swimming pools (except the dog solarium) and all other public areas.

The restaurant and bar MareLuna on the beach welcome your four-legged friend.

Small dogs only have access to the amphitheater if they are held in owner’s arms.

We trust in the observance of the rules of good manners by our guests accompanied by their furry friend, so that they do not disturb other people.

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You can consult our internal regulations by clicking here >>

If you leave the holiday village, there is a small country road with little traffic to cross to get to the footpath that leads to the sea.

The beach is only 150 meters from the holiday village, a pleasant walk of less than a minute in the shade of pines and eucalyptus.

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We know that not everyone is a dog lover and that someone can even suffer the proximity of a dog. For this reason, we have provided special areas where the activities of the Dog Village can be carried out. For the accommodations, we have concentrated the guests who bring their Fido in ad hoc areas. Also on the beach there is a Dog Beach, which is reserved exclusively for our furry friends and their owners. However, it can happen that some guests meet a dog on the paths of the holiday village. In this case the dog is led on a leash.

The number of 4-legged guests is limited to guarantee a peaceful stay for all.

The reserved beach is wide, and equipped with sun loungers, sun umbrellas, canoes, showers, bars, toilets, beach volleyball court, shared inflatable boat, parking for strollers and playground for children. The sun umbrellas are located on the sand (coarse-grained), while on the coast there are alternate little stones, sand, and pebble strips.

The sea is clear and clean. The water is shallow near the shore and the seabed, which drops gently, allows for safe bathing for people of every age.

There are two. The first one is designed as a relaxation area and solarium. The second one is larger and equipped with a whirlpool. It is located near the sports areas and is intended for entertainment activities.

Both pools consist of a children’s area and one for adults. The sun beds are subject to availability.

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Swimming in the pool is only permitted at certain times and in the presence of the lifeguard: from 9.00 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 19.00.

The club card is a bracelet and allows access to all the services of the holiday village. It includes: beach service (1 sun umbrella and two sun beds per accommodation), use of pools, day and evening entertainment with games, tournaments and shows, group dance classes, water aerobics, archery, canoes, tennis, five-on-five football, basketball, bocce, table tennis, beach volleyball, uncovered and unattended parking. “Vascellerino”, a program for children by age (Baby Club 4/6 years – Mini Club 7/9 years – Junior Club 10/14 years – Young Club 15/19 years), specially designed to ensure the fun of our young guests, who experience a holiday full of charms. Discount for The Acquapark “Odissea 2000” (30 km away) and for the go-kart track “Nika” (3 km away).

In case of low guest influence, we do not guarantee all services.

The Wi-Fi connection is available in the rooms of the Hotel Formula and in three areas of the holiday village: reception, relax pool bar and beach.

The service is free of charge.

Yes. The daily rate is €6.00 per person up 3 years of age.

Both in Cariati and in the surrounding area there are some beautiful places that are worth a visit. To learn more, we recommend you to view our Territory page.

Yes, it is possible to rent a camping cot for 6 € per day. Cot rental also includes bed linen and towels.

It is also possible to rent light strollers for 5 euros per day or for the price of 30 euros per week.

The holiday is all here