There are many guests who lovingly show us their appreciation for the respect and protection of the environment and nature, which we consider in our work. We are happy and proud to have them at our resort.

We have installed solar collectors on our roofs to generate hot water and photovoltaic modules with an output of 300 kW / hour to generate green energy.

90% of our toilets are equipped with a double drain to save thousands of hectoliters of water in every season.

We use 95% energy saving and LED lamps for the rooms and public areas.

We have equipped the newly built structures with an automatic system for turning off lights and air conditioning in the absence of guests to save energy.

We prefer to use soaps and detergents with refills.

The green that surrounds and completely adorns our holiday village produces large amounts of oxygen.

We are dog-friendly with large green areas, also for four-legged friends, which are perfectly integrated into the ecosystem.

The holiday is all here