On holiday with a dog? Welcome to Vascellero Club Resort, the ideal holiday village for a vacation full of sea, nature, discovery, and adventure that you can experience with your loyal friend!

We are one of the few hotels that have received the “ANIMAL-FRIENDLY STRUCTURE” award for the hotel category from the Italian Association of Animal Rights and Environmental Associations.


Four legs … but why not a bowl or a fin, a beak or two protruding teeth? Every animal in Vascellero is a welcome guest.


Dog Village

Four-legged friends are welcome at Vascellero!

As soon as you arrive, if you need, we will be happy to provide you with kennels, bowls and saucers in the Dog House (on deposit) to make your dog's stay more pleasant. All rooms dedicated to guests with dogs are cleaned with special treatment to properly serve each room.

Since we want to make our "friends" feel good, we have thought of areas that are dedicated to them and in which you can be by their side on predefined paths.

Even four-legged friends like the sea, and here we have Dog Beach with a dog bed in addition to the sun beds and sun umbrellas. If you want to rinse your dog, you will find a special shower on the beach.

Within the Vascellero we have set up a safe and fenced hiking area and an agility area in addition to the Dog House with shop and specialized support. We also offer a Dog Parking where your dog can wait for your return from a trip or after a dip in the pool.

Here at Dog House we take care of your dogs and pamper them with washing and care treatments.
At the Oasi pool you can reserve a seat in the Dog Solarium with a sun umbrella and two sun beds. Your four-legged friend can stay with you at the pool, but not go into the water.

We also organize dog education courses for you!
The Dog Solarium, washing, nursing and dog training courses are additional services for a fee.


The holiday is all here