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Holidays with your dog

Spending the holidays with your dog makes everything more beautiful!

We are lovers and owners of dogs for generations and like us, there are more and more families that move taking their dog with them, considering it a real member of the family.

For this reason we decided to dedicate special services for those who love holidays with the dog. We are proud to be one of the first accommodations in southern Italy that offers the DOG VILLAGE service, for fun-filled holidays for everyone, human and 4-legged friends!

We have decided to reserve rooms near the Dog area for dog lovers. Almost all of them are equipped with an autonomous veranda where you can also use a gate to avoid the escape of the most curious dogs. At the Dog House it is possible to collect toilet bags, a comfortable kennel, two bowls and sub-bowl.

The dog and his owner, during the holidays, can stay in shape in the wide agility area of the Dog Village where they will face an obstacle course that will strengthen their understanding even more.

Thanks to our Dog Beach, an area of our beach reserved exclusively for dog owners, 4-legged friends can swim with their owners and relax under the sun umbrella ... The perfect holiday, isn’it?

...But that is not all! Come and discover and read more in the page dedicated to all the services for dog friendly holidays!

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