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The animation of our resort in Calabria for Residence, Aparthotel and Hotel

Among all the services offered by our resort in Calabria, the animation deserves a special and important place.
The entertainment is entrusted to a team of professional entertainers who delights with care and great joy, the stay of children and adults.
Our staff provides entertainment for all ages with discretion and professionalism in the various Resort’s meeting place at any time of the day.

The animation of adults

The games require different skills. For some, we need to sharpen our concerns, for others the speed will be important, some other times we are rewarded to hold the balance, or it can simply be the memory the trump for victory.
Individual and team challenges, where it counts not only to have the qualities, but also to make them available to the group. Winning is nice, but doing it together is even better.
The animation is not just have fun and moving. You can also make animation in which you participate in card tournaments and board games, just sitting in the shade of the veranda, on the pool or on the terrace of the restaurant Mareluna on the beach.

The animation of the little ones

Our Residence in Calabria offers a special entertainment program for children. Their particular needs and the desire to discover the world will be certainly met.
Vascellerino is a dedicated program for the youngest guests of our holiday village and offers a variety of leisure activities divided by age groups:

A lot of games! Our goal is that all children will find the activity that suits them: building sandcastles together, taking part in sports tournaments and roles, theater workshops and singing. There is also space for science: curious and interesting experiments are waiting for the children who want to tell their parents about their permanent discovery and the new things they learn.

A summer full of excitement and fun awaits the young guests of Vascellero!

The animation of the young ones

Our Residence in Calabria offers diversified and funny animation for young people, which meets the personalities and characters of them all.

For full of energy and with strong team spirit young people, are suitable sports tournaments. At Vascellero they will be able to express in full their sporting talent whatever it is!
For young and ascending artists the chances will be there. Animating school, theater workshops and entertainment which are the most popular talent- shows inspired will make the holidays of the young exciting and challenging.
Space for graffiti, on our dedicated wall, where the young people can express their creativity and, why not, explain their love for the girl of Room 41.
We know that young people will enjoy life especially at night... So then, all to Mareluna, our bar on the beach! Music and entertainment till late in the night are guaranteed by our DJs!

And when the time to say goodbye comes, we realize that, for young people, the most important thing was to meet their peers and share their time. Embraces, kisses, tears and promises are a constant which we see at the departure days. Young people, who have only just met each other but have lived moments of great intensity together. The bond born between them is something that will last for years.

See more about Vascellerino on the page "Family Holidays"!

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