To start the day well, we start with muscle awakening on the beach and continue with aerobics, stretching, dancing and aquafitness classes to stay in shape while having fun in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea or in our splendid swimming pools. If you like to swim, you can do it in the Oasi Pool or in the sea, for an intense contact with nature.

We have a sports facility with a five-a-side football field, a tennis court and a basketball court for lovers of more “classic” sports.

If you want to try your hand at activities that require quick reflexes and coordination, table tennis is the right sport.

Do you have foolproof aim? Trust our archery instructor and take a dip in the past thanks to the oldest sport in the world!

Everything necessary for carrying out sports activities will be provided by the animators.

Move to explore, travel to have fun. You can do all this at Vascellero Club Resort. For those who love an active and dynamic holiday, here’s what you prefer: from sports on the beach by the sea to cycling. Fun is guaranteed here!

Sport on the beach

Under the sun, after a dip in the sea, with the sand between your feet and with new friends, the beach volleyball and beach football fields await you for tournaments and games. From rowing to group dancing, it is forbidden to get bored here in the Vascellero!
And between a drink at the bar and some hours of sunshine, a darts challenge, a board challenge or a game of bowling are ideal to spend happy moments and a healthy competition.

So much fun

If you're looking for new adrenaline’s experiences, we'll offer you some very interesting activities to satisfy your passions. And here are the experiences to try out!

Jump fitness
Aerobic exercises on an elastic platform, with the help of a rod for stability.

Spike ball
Played with a bouncy mat and the ball.

Ultimate frisbee
Team sport with Frisbee, whose goal is to score points in the opponent's side.

Sup (Stand up paddle)
Surf variant, where you stand on a board similar to that of the surfboard but with a larger volume to carry the weight of the athlete. You move with the help of a paddle.

Giant billiard
Skill game, in which feet are used instead of cues, with colored and numbered balls

Here you can have fun both inside and outside the holiday village!
In the surroundings of Cariati Marina, the city where we are located, you will find: a diving centre that offers diving courses and boat trips to immerse yourself in the blue Ionian Sea, the Acquapark Odissea 2000 in Rossano to have fun under the water slides, the Nika go cart track in Crucoli.

The holiday is all here