Ah, how wonderful summer in Calabria!

The sun in your face, the children who laugh more, the holidays. The beauty of returning to the places of the heart!

Vascellero. A guarantee, a security, many dear friends.

What’s in a summer dream?

The gentle warmth of the Mediterranean sun on the skin and the freshness of the salt water on the face.
The smell of lemons on the trees, but also of a good local fish that just comes from the grill.
The scent of a wood-fired pizza and then music because it’s always party time.
The freedom to decide how you want to live your day, a precious gift that Vascellero keeps with care, attention, and love.

Vascellero Club Resort

Your Mediterranean vacation

The crystal-clear sea is a gift from our country.

We have been lovingly caring for its flower gardens, olive groves and orchards for decades. That is why the Vascellero Club Resort is now the holiday village for you who want to enjoy your holiday on the beautiful Ionian coast in the best possible way.

Take a stroll through the alleys of the holiday village, between dazzling bougainvillea and majestic palm trees, and think that the delicious Calabrian cuisine, the fresh summer dishes and the desserts we prepare are waiting for you.

And if you already feel like part of a large family, it is because we and our employees welcome you with joy.

Welcome to the sea, welcome to the Vascellero Club Resort!

and Mobile Home
The freedom to always have everything ready and the freedom to live carefree without schedules. Here you can choose between the hotel formula and the residence formula. To everyone what they love.